PhD completion seminar: Evaluation of multiple imputation approaches for handling incomplete three-level data


The event:The completion seminar is an important milestone of PhD candidature where objectives, methods, findings and significance of the research conducted are presented in a public seminar with the aim of receiving constructive feedback from an expert audience prior to submission and further experience in developing arguments effectively.
More details:Three-level data arising from repeated measures on individuals clustered within higher-level units are common in public health studies. Missing data are prominent in such studies and are often handled via multiple imputation (MI). Validity of results from MI depends on the appropriate tailoring of the imputation model to the substantive analysis. It is unclear how best to achieve this in the context of three-level data. In this PhD, I evaluated extensions of the widely available single- and two-level MI approaches and specialized three-level approaches in various contexts using both simulation and case studies to provide guidance for the practical researcher.

May 31, 2021
PhD Completion Seminar